Nowadays, the trend of fast food eaters became regular especially among young generation.There are many multinational and local fast food chains consist of Pizza,Burger,Sandwich and And other fast food items.Pakistani spend around 30% to 40% of their household income on a variety of food, which makes the food business profitable.FunFact: Recently it has been revealed that the fast-food industry is the second biggest industry in Pakistan providing 15% to 18% of the total employment in the manufacturing sector of Pakistan.

About local fast food Chains in pakistan

The local fast food chains are slow in progress to extened thier stores.And they are limited in some big cities.of pakistan.for example...Burger lab, Optp,14th street pizza, New York pizza ,Crispy2GO, Burger O Clock,Jinsoy ,Karachi Broast,Kuchi’s,Pizza max,Pizza Point,California Pizza,Pizza Crust, Broadway Pizza.

The responses verified that a larger proportion of families are visiting fast food chains in pakistan.But Mc Donald’s and KFC on the top due to thier best Quality and services.

The main reason for local chains are the prices,thier prices are almost equal to the multinational chains,Even California Pizza is more expensive than Pizza Hut. As per my personal opinion Mc Donald’s will be Double in no. of stores as per today...with in 2 years.California Pizza Broady Pizza Burger Lab may not extened fast more branches in pakistan.karachi Broast now growing little to open more stores.But rest of the other will not grow more.