Video games you either love or hate them. I can't get a single day switching on my PC.

According to scientists and academics, video games can make you smarter. the strategic thinking and puzzles solving involved in videogames make them good learning programs, but there is no substitute for classroom learning. Video games challenges and workout the brain in different ways navigating our way through the mysterious virtual world. we must figure out the rules of the game and goals that we need to achieve to complete the objectives. For hours we actively working at solving a series of puzzles that are nested inside the world of pixels. Playing video games is all about active exploration and it forces your brain to make a decision.

The researchers have shown that gamers are particularly good at spotting details in busy and confusing scenes. It also helps in reducing stress. Another stereotype about video games is it makes a person violent, fortunately, there is no hard evidence yet that such games lead to mass murders or grisly killings. I play lots of action video games but it does not feel like I would start hurting people in fact games like these can prevent violence by giving you something else to take your frustration and stress out.

In the end, I would say videogames are truly good for you as it:

Improves logic

Reduces stress

Improves hand-eye coordination

Enhances multitasking skills

It is a great source of learning and much more.