After spending exuberant 7 days in Muree I packed my bag and baggage and embarked to a far cry city Karachi. I was absorbed in the merriment by just imagining my presence at the Beach of Karachi. I reckon it must be an intuitive feeling for any traveler but for me, it was a hammering goosebump. Initially, my itinerary included speculating the chilly weather of Malamjaba, but as you know there won’t be any actual and reliable plan for any bird of passage. I had to be by the sea with my eyes gazing at the setting sun and of course with a plate of palatable and popular Karachi Biryani. I often make my journey more piquant by traveling on train and Pakistan Railway will surely give you adequate time during your voyage to minutely capture the scent of different places.

With the “CHIK-CHIK” the Train departed the Station of Rawalpindi, the rising hue and cry on the train, and the jolters by the train, gave me an amusing scene and feeling as if I were observing some festivity and enjoying an electrical horse riding. I had already reserved my seat but the ticket collector informed me by passing a smile that it was expired. I cursory nodded my head at his chivalry because it happens to me now and then, now the alley by the train’s door was my only sole survival. As I were free-riding, I made sure to be more circumspect about the availability of lavatory in a dire situation, as it would come to rescue me in case of any demand for ticket or fare.

I dropped a cup of water inadvertently when the train picked up a blazing pace but I kept sipping it as a sagacious poet sipping his tea while engrossing in his poetry. This journey was sheer poetry for me as well, Should I let my senses to miss any rhyme or any stroke of it, it would have come to haunt me forever in my nightmares. Every by gone station had its own uniqueness and phoenix pertaining to the lucrativeness of fun. The tiny stalls at the station were the focal point of many kids as they were enabling them to quench their playful desires by squandering their guardian’s money. The horn of the train was like a loud screech of a woman who encountered a lizard, I was sure that the train was facing scenarios akin to it but more likely with bigger animals. Most of the passengers were indulged in small talks which were enshrouding an air of boredom and ennui. Some of them were sleeping like a log, superficially they were on another journey on the train however, they were on different journeys obscurely in their sleep. It was a blistering and belaboring heat of July, I bought a bottle of water that assuaged my nerves completely and I drank myself to sleep.

From Rawalpindi, it takes 14-18 hours to see a glimpse of Karachi’s jollity. Karachi is called the city of light; you will see the flood of lights swamping into your sights. Karachi is the biggest city of Pakistan covering a lion’s share population of Pakistan and internationally acclaimed with numerous acquired accolades. The most mesmerizing and awe-inspiring quality of Karachi is its food and spices. We can irrevocably call Karachi ‘a city of condiments’.

A dream of having Biryani suddenly pinched me up from my sleep and I was biting my lips miserably, as they were deprived of the taste of Biryani, mercilessly in the dream. The train was approaching Karachi station and I was at the door of train enjoying immensely the charm and fascinating scene of Karachi, it was night and the city was glittering and flickering like a star. My journey to Karachi came to an end but my voyage to explore the enthralling views of City would soon set in.