The conviviality of the nature is not furtive to us at all, it has endued us the fascinating sea, the enrapturing mountains, the delish fruits and the evergreen lands. Nature not only bestow man adequately the utilities of leisure but also provides us a security and assuages our utmost necessities. We have forgotten miserably the holistic function of the nature, if we cause inimical to its any mechanism then we would have to embrace for its severe implications.

The dreadful Corona Virus broken out in the amidst of our chaotic life. We were being train for behave erratically and all the lesson we learnt from our Schools and Colleges fell flat on us. We blue lined all the consequence, knowing that nourishing and invigorating nature ensue a beneficial impact on the surroundings whilst laying aside its significance would cause harm prevalently. From north pole to south pole we left nothing harmful and detriment to afflict the nature. The capitalist mindset was prone to profit making, oblivious to the macabre ramification about nature plight was more focused to book profit by deforestation. As a result, the increasing rate of carbon dioxide did not suffocate only the nature but its all appendages. Oil rigs and metropolis perturbed the aquatic life by deposited its wastages. The innocent animals were hunted and disrespected rampantly just to fulfill the trivial penchant, however even then nature was playing a role of spectator and was hoping against the hope. The atrocities of mankind to nature were not coming to an end and it kept continue to augment his crime. We pierced through the ozone layer by our daily accretion of air pollution and the lethal gases emanating from the industrial houses. Ozone layer which was protecting the nature by thwarting harmful rays wounded by our erroneous action to ecosystem, paving way to unnatural and illegal component to enter into the atmosphere. The whole ecosystem collapses and its debris is yet to efface.

Nature is not hostile to man but thrust crucibles to amend his approach. We acquire from nature by what we provide to it. The recent pandemic corona virus is not the anger of nature but consequences of our action. Metaphorically, it is the right of nature in upbringing the materialist man’s mentality. Nature had already decided to pay back in the same coin but this time we will have to sustain a serious lesson. Corona virus has already taken life of nearly 0.3 million peoples around the globe. Nature is healing and mulling over to redirect the selfish approach of modern man. It is pointing out the scarcity of water resources by depriving people of water in Asia and Africa. The scorching heat in Australia is indicating the menacing treatment of man by allowing poisonous gases to enter in atmosphere. Now, the dreadful and deathly viruses in Europe and America is entailing our ruthless behavior to the mother nature. Uprooting the nature and embracing the contrivance in shape of macdonaldized life and cyber altruism is the core reason of all our miseries. We ignored nature but nature did not ignore us. Nature is only proffering a severe lesson never to be forgotten.