Homeschooling has become a topic of discussion among people who are against the idea of sending their children to public schools. But still such parents are rare. Are you one if such family? Then you would have the same concerns as other families have. But don’t worry because no institution can claim that the children studying in their schools are more knowledgeable than your kid. Firsts are the hardest because every new idea or any sort of change is always challenged by the people because they care more about results rather than analyzing if something is right or wrong. The idea or concept of homeschooling is still new in Pakistan.
Even though the Muslims can be considered as the first institution where homeschooling was started from. It’s quite easy to explain Muslims use to teach their daughters, sisters, wives and small kids. From shooting of a bow and an arrow to wielding a sword and educating them about different subjects. The best example of which is Hazrat Ayesha (R.A). Muslims still believe that it is right to homeschool their children rather than send them to school. These were few prominent characteristics of Muslims in those times. But ever since we have started to judge ourselves on others standard, we start losing our own self.
If we look at the psychological perspective of homeschooling, we see that the children who are homeschooled by their parents do a better job than public schools. Well it’s pretty simple why? Because children essential need is just one love and affection which helps their mental growth because parents are the best at knowing their kids. People say that homeschool students are usually anti-social, but the truth is it completely depends on how their parents create their relationship with the kid. If they talk to their children and discuss different topics like toys, vegetables, or any place that they went to recently.
Well to motivate the mothers who are looking forward to homeschooling their children let me tell you a story. Among my relatives there is a mother just like you she wanted to teach her child at home but her father was against the idea because he thought that a child should go to school because only schools can provide standardized education and he would be left behind from his peer. But she didn’t give up and started teaching him at home. She worked on his “observational” skills as well as his “relating” skills. He didn’t study the pre-primary classes at any public schools but his pronunciation and knowledge about certain things is even better than the adults. He got admitted at a renowned school. And now her father proudly advices others to homeschool there kids rather than sending them to private schools. So, the mothers who want to homeschool their children should remember only one thing that be persistent and don’t give up.