When the choices of mass is based mostly on junk food items; be it office-going lad or a high school youth, it’s hard to point people towards the healthier counter-part of junk food by simply telling them to avoid it just because its ‘unhealthy’. People need to be properly guided, and motivated, to go for what’s best for their health by explaining them the benefits of organic food, or in simple terms; healthy food.

So one might ask; what is organic food? And is it different from traditionally grown produce? Yes, it is.
Organic food, as the term implies, involves growing the vegetables and fruits without the use of chemical such as synthetic pesticides, bioengineered genes (GMOs), petroleum-based fertilizers and sewage sludge-based fertilizers. Since the aforementioned chemicals are lethal for pesticides and germs, so are they for humans as they somehow end up in one’s stomach. At this point one must understand the benefits of consuming organic food.

Below are some of main benefits of organic food:

  • Organic food is fresher as compared to non-organic food. It also tastes better since organic food does not contain preservatives that are used for making the food last longer.
  • Since chemical based fertilizers are not used in the production, organic farming is also good for the environment. It reduces pollution (such as air, soil and water).
  • Organic food tastes better than locally produced food; the reason being the fact that organic food is prepared using natural means, and nature’s own creations (birds, good insects) are used as protective measures to keep the crop in good health.
  • Multiple researches have shown that organic food contains higher levels of minerals, vitamins, and other antioxidants. Higher levels of antioxidants mean better protection for the crop itself as they act as the plants’ defense system (phytonutrients). Antioxidants also help in terminating chain reactions caused by oxidants inside the human body which damage blood cells.

Organic food is better in every way, better than the toxin inducing fast foods we generally opt for.